Monday, February 23, 2009

"B" is for Balanced

Most of my other books are a little sturdier than this one, but I really like the idea that if one of them has to look beat up (the spine is pretty wrinkled, too), it's a Charlotte book.

Just a quick rundown of why I think Charlotte Bronte is amazing. She has a genius balance in her writing, reality and "fantasy," passion and self-control, love story and social commentary/morality. So many of the things I like in books, I can find in hers. She's also easy to read, being very plot-driven and emotionally fervent. But then you can still go back and find all these layers you didn't pick up before, different ideas that go past the basic themes. And don't forget that her characters all know the difference between happiness and joy.

Again, I'll say more on this by and by, but this is just a starting place.

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