Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Chocablog!

Chocablog is an international site (based out of the UK) devoted to chocolate. I have the privilege of being their only U.S. staff member. There are also two British reviewers and two Australians. I've only been with them since June, but the site itself turns three years old today. So take a look at what we're up to. We've been making expanding a lot lately, even getting our own discussion forum.

In celebration of this, here's an idea I've been turning around in my head for a little while. The connection between books and chocolate. There are some (think Milky Way and Janette Oke) that hold your interest for the moment and require little from you, but don't leave the greatest impression. Others you like a little more and can't help but adore at times, but still can't call too great. For me, that's KitKat and Twilight. Then you start moving up. These ask for some commitment. Amazing chocolatiers like Pralus, Michel Cluizel, Amano, and Patric Chocolates are comparable to the classics. Little more dense, little more intimidating, but so rewarding once you get past that.

(By the way, the picture is of a Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%. Look for my review of it on Chocablog in the next couple weeks.)

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