Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Things, New Things

Yesterday, a loud banging came on my screen door. Someone very angry and mad must have been there, it seemed. A vicious and loud robber, perhaps. But, no, that's just how the FedEx man knocks -- to make sure he is heard, I suppose. The vicious cacophony I forgive, though, as soon as I get my package. Yesterday it was my signed copy of Fireflight's new album, For Those Who Wait (have to love that name), along with a t-shirt. Completely wonderful. I'll share my thoughts later when I've had a chance to listen to the CD more.

Also yesterday, The Hillywood Show released some behind-the-scenes footage for their Dark Knight video. Take a look here. While their behind-the-scenes always show how much they genuinely like what they do, this one also shows the hard work that goes into every video. Hilly and Hannah have said that Dark Knight was the hardest thing they've done, and I can see why. Professional quality? The Hillywood Show is professional.

Right now, I'm finishing up Elizabeth Gaskell's Ruth for a class (ENG 329: 19th Century British Novels, to be exact). A little base, shall we say, towards the beginning, but not a bad read. I may very well choose it for my paper. Ms. Gaskell does get points for being Charlotte Bronte's friend, in any case.

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