Wednesday, November 17, 2010

San Francisco Chocolate, Colds, and Parodies

I was in San Francisco this weekend, getting back home Sunday night at 1:00. This really would've only been an hour late for me, except that I was getting sick. So I decided to sleep through all my classes on Monday, taking my first sick day since fourth grade. But at least I am now well, except for the longer-lingering cough.

What was I doing in San Francisco? Attending the Fall Luxury Chocolate Salon, of course, and otherwise looking for chocolaty experiences. (Look for my write-up of the event and the chocolates I picked up on Chocablog). Here are two pictures, one from Saturday morning and one from Sunday evening, taken along the coast.

An interesting city, architecture-wise, if a little chaotic as far as street-navigation goes.

And one more thing, which I meant to post about a week ago. The Hillywood Show, of whom I am a great fan, released their Eclipse Parody on Thursday. Makeup and choreography have blown me away yet again, and this video parodies more than anything they have ever done. Just watch it and see if it doesn't make you laugh, too.

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