Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Brothers Grimm

I came into this movie (from 2005) unsure for what angle exactly it was going to go. Ten minutes in, I was still unsure. The thing about this movie is, it straddles many lines of balance. It is a historical movie, but with a fictional and sometimes fantastical premise. It is based on the Grimm brothers and their collection of fairy tales, but it does not follow that story, weaving the tales they collected into the plot instead. It is a serious drama/action movie, but with comedy, as well.

That's a lot to balance out. If done well, it's the sort of thing I might enjoy. If done badly, the result can be cringe-worthy. The Brothers Grimm was not done badly, but neither do I feel that it was done perfectly. I think some of that balance still wasn't quite right. It lacked that extra level that would make me feel more emotionally tied in.

However, I must recognize that there are some great performances in this movie. Most recognizably, Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the brothers, but there are also other familiar faces. This isn't something I always (or often) say, but I think that the acting was what I enjoyed most in this movie. If the plot nuances didn't quite do it for me, if certain scenes didn't draw me in enough, at least I could watch these actors embody characters onscreen. Characters, too, different from those I have previously seen them play. Although I won't be rushing to rent the movie again, it's wonderful to see all the artwork that goes into productions.

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