Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why the Favorites Are Gone

I used to do monthly favorites posts at the end of each month--and you'll notice that I haven't done any in almost half a year. I was never certain if I was simply going to rework them, possibly just posting one every other month or maybe every season. But I never got around to it, and so now I think that such posts are truly part of the past for me.

In a way, I didn't have anything left to put in such posts. Instead of favorites posts, they were more like posts of things I had bought recently. The thing is, I use pretty much the same things all the time. If I'm happy with the same shampoo and conditioner, I'll keep using them for years until I find that I need to switch. The only other hair products I use are blow dry cream in winter and curl cream in summer (both from Carol's Daughter). I mainly just use the same Tarte makeup products, along with some Bite Beauty lipsticks. I don't buy that much new clothing, and often I buy it out of season so it isn't always very interesting to talk about it when I first get it. I've been drinking the same loose, bulk tea. I eat the same types of foods. And when there is a show or a movie I want to talk about, I usually give it its own post.

I just don't buy enough new products or enough of a changing diversity of products in order to have favorites posts anymore. And while occasionally I do want to share a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette, I don't have many words to describe such products. And I find that I don't necessarily want to share when I can or can't buy a new lipstick or perfume--or when I've been given something as a gift.

My tastes are changing, too, I suppose. It used to be fun to talk about trinkets--and now I feel like I'm wasting space by doing so unless it's something that I really want to talk about or I'm approaching it in a creative way. A couple of years ago, for instance, I did a post where I paired different makeup products with books. I would be open to doing more things like that (occasionally) in the future.

Photography is also a problem. Sometimes I want to share an outfit, to write about what inspired this outfit--but I can't get a good picture. I don't have the lighting or the angle. Or I can't take very good pictures of the products that I want to show. So sometimes that holds me back, too.

Why post about all this now, when my favorites posts are already buried in the past? Well, I felt like I needed some closure if I knew I was going to purposefully end a series. And I wanted to share that I might try a different approach if I do still want to share makeup I'm using, clothing I'm wearing, or food I'm eating. I do like to try and have a variety of topics on this blog--and lately I think I've been letting it get stagnant because my mind has been elsewhere. One of the things that has been taking over my mind's space is, of course, my upcoming move (which will be very soon now). Once I've moved, I predict that I'm automatically going to have more to talk about. I'll be reworking some of my habits, and I'll be going out to watch more plays and movies, and it's just going to be a restart for me in many ways.

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