Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amazing Writing Music

I've finally realized what music I like to have playing while I'm writing. I don't even remember how long ago it was that iTunes had a free download of Ludovico Einaudi's song "Andare" from his album Divenire. I like to download things that I might like, so I got this one. Piano has never been my favorite and it was a little slow for my liking at first, but then I started to really like it. Particularly as background music to staring out the window. . .

I've been interested in so much new music lately, though, that I didn't buy the entire CD until last week. Friday, actually. And I have one word to describe it: amazing. Each note carries so much weight that you can be fully focused on the music and not notice time passing by (and it's a pretty long CD.) The depth of every sound brings your mind to such a capability of thought. I guess you could say it's "stirring" music.

I think "Andare" is still my favorite track, but that's probably also because I'm more familiar with it. I've written a lot of things to its wonderful tune. But that wasn't always the best thing to do, since it's only seven minutes long and most things take a little longer than seven minutes to write. Now that I have the entire CD, I can wait much longer before I have to start it over. In fact, it's playing right now.

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