Friday, October 8, 2010

Kaleb Nation Book Signing

Last night was the launch for Kaleb Nation's book tour for Bran Hambric: The Specter Key. Again, I was sorry to find, walking into Changing Hands, that it was the first time I'd been there since his first signing there last year. My excuse: I haven't been buying many new books except pre-orders, which I get off of Amazon because that's easiest. My new goal: to go to Changing Hands again before the third book in the series comes out.

Anyway, the signing was great. Kaleb still found some tidbits to add to his spiel in the beginning for those of us who know his basic story already. In the Q&A, I asked about how he uses the computer versus paper for writing (since there are some writers out there purists about the power of pencil and paper). He brought up timing as a positive for the computer; I have to agree with this one. There are moments when writing with a pencil almost seems tedious (though it usually also gives me a feeling of greater connection with my words).

When I brought my book up to be signed, I also brought a gift: a sort of 3D thank you card done with oil paint on a small canvas. I realize I never took a picture of it while it was still in my possession, but Kaleb said he would put it in a vlog, so I imagine I will see it again.

I also brought up my latest canvas bag for him to sign. It has both books and websites stitched on it. If you go to Kaleb's Facebook, you can see a picture of my hands holding it up. I also got a picture with him, which will probably be showing up on there later; I'm afraid to see how I turned out. I thought I was over my dislike of pictures, but some things do linger, don't they?

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