Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lady Emma

I just got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Not particularly fun. Yes, I did have a great doctor (Dr. Kootman, who also did my brother's teeth a few years ago): the procedure was less than 15 minutes for four teeth and my mouth is only somewhat sore (really, my teeth weren't in the best shape; my mouth is small, so the bottom ones weren't even growing out yet because they had nowhere to go, so this tells a lot), but still, it isn't a fun thing. Only funny thing is that the drugs made me feel sick on Thursday (tell me, why did I even bother taking any of those pain meds?); I can't see how people take these "recreationally." But all is well now, though I decided to spend a lazy day in bed today watching Netflix.

I just moved on to YouTube from there, and I realize something. I have lauded Emma Shapplin before; now I see similarities between her and Lady Gaga. The latter has been getting quite a bit of attention, whereas the former is only known in certain countries, the US not included. Emma Shapplin sings semi-operatic/classical/pop/almost-new-age-ish, and Lady Gaga is pop/hip-hip. But let's take another look.

Overall style is the first item. Emma Shapplin, with her background in modeling, likes her elaborate yet simple, slightly off costumes/outfits; Lady Gaga is known for the, er, noticeable way she dresses. They both set off a diva quality in this way, but it's one based not on vanity but on a desire to do what they like.

As far as music goes, maybe they aren't so different there, either. Emma creates music out of bounds of genres; she does it so much from the heart that everything is unique. Lady Gaga I am less familiar with, but hasn't she, too, recreated certain aspects of the music world? Had a large impact on how things work?

If you still don't believe me, do a comparison of their music videos. I think you'll find a similar strangeness in both. (And remember, "strange" doesn't necessarily mean something bad).

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