Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn Parody Teaser

To much anticipation, The Hillywood Show yesterday released a teaser for their Breaking Dawn Parody, which will be coming out in February. You can view the teaser here.

While the video is more an announcement than anything else, still there are a couple of things to speculate about. First, they announced that this time, Jacob Jost was unable to continue his role as Edward; I have previously been impressed that almost the entire cast has been able to reprise their roles for each new Twilight parody. I guess that couldn't go on forever, although I wasn't expecting one of the primary roles to be affected.

It hardly needs saying that it looks like there will be as much attention to detail as always: even in the short clip the teaser shows, this is evident. I noticed, though, that the clouds behind the logo seem a bit more purple than the ones in the movie logo. I know, I'm probably just being too picky. But it's just possible that this is a completely conscious difference, somehow speaking to the content of the parody. Possibly.

The last main thing I am wondering about is length. All the other Twilight parodies were around ten minutes long, which allowed many of the movie scenes to get into the videos. But more recent parodies (like the Harry Potter one) have been shorter; this has seemed to be a good thing for re-watchability. So will this one be ten minutes long or shorter? I'm very curious to find out.

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