Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Favorites

1) Family Ties - This show is practically all I have been watching on Netflix this month; I'll expand more on it in a later post.

2) Urban Decay's Naked Palette - I got this palette for Christmas; with twelve shadows, mostly of varying shades of brown in both matte and shiny, you can put together so many different looks. I can do a very low key shadow if I'm wearing a brighter lip color, or focus more on the darker shades if the opposite is true.

3) Clover Organic Farms unsalted butter - I can add butter to this list, can't I? I love this butter because it is entirely full of flavor (butter flavor), and in addition to the Organic label, it also has one for the American Humane Association.

4) Hot chocolate - While I'm on the subject of food, I might as well add this one in. On those couple days of the week that I have a rather long day before getting to come home, I like to mix up a cup of nostalgia:

5) My Food Writing class - Sometimes I just love the special topics English classes; they often end up being my favorites. In this one, we've already read a couple of wonderful books: Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Best Food Writing 2010, edited by Holly Hughes. There are more, but those are the two I would most recommend so far.

6) The Farmers' Market on campus - I add this one because I am recently returned from said event, where I picked up a loaf of sliced bread from a local company, a little produce, and some Challah bread made by an organization on campus that donates the proceeds to a couple of charities. Might I also add that it's rather delicious bread and won't last long before I eat it all.

7) My tree notebook from Anthropologie - Naturally, I adore this store for its eclecticism and its blending of old and new and refusal to follow trends quite to the dot. Given that I also have something of a thing for trees, this notebook was an amazing find.

8) Weleda toothpaste - I don't use "regular" toothpastes. I'm odd that way, such that I read labels in, yes, shampoo, soap, and toothpaste in addition to food. (It's been long enough since I used "regular" toothpaste that it creeps me out on the odd occasions that I do, like at the orthodontist--it's just so different.)  I've been using Weleda's Plant Gel toothpaste for a while and liked it well enough, but thought to try the Salt variety this time. It really is like rubbing salt in your mouth: it's quite strong. But it's sort of intriguing at the same time.

9) Mandarin oranges - I've been eating a lot of these lately. I love that I can put one or two in my bag when I'm leaving for the day and not have to worry about containers and all that. Yesterday, I snacked on a pair while walking from one class to the other . . . and felt throughly amused at the prospect of peeling oranges while walking. But, hey, I only had a fifteen minutes break and I was getting hungry (I wouldn't be odd enough to eat an orange in the classroom, allowing the citrus aroma to spread in the enclosed space.)

10) The Hillywood Show - Yeah, I'm sure that's surprising. But their Breaking Dawn Parody is due out any day now. They said it would be out in February, and I'm pretty sure they're hoping to have it out in the very beginning of the month. Yesterday, they released a couple of behind the scenes pictures, which you can view here.

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