Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wristbands, Wristbands

Yesterday, I got my wristband in the mail for donating to The Hillywood Show's Breaking Dawn Parody. Wristbands aren't normally my thing (since I have inevitably skinny wrists--even if I lifted weights all day or ate cupcakes all day, they would stay the same), but I can't resist one like this. I intend to wear it on a daily basis . . . whether or not that plan will last long, I can't say. The loose band does, after all, fit halfway to my elbow, so I may neglect wearing it soon enough. But if I can learn to be accustomed to it dangling on my wrist, perhaps I will keep up the habit. Perhaps, too, it may encourage me to wear more bracelets. (I do have a few, after all, though the one I actually wear occasionally is a metal band from World Market that I can wear above the elbow.)

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