Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Women of Christmas

Like many, I haven't really read the nonfiction from Liz Curtis Higgs, just her historical novels and one of her modern novels. But then she came out, this year, with a book themed around Christmas. Just the thing to read during this season, right?

In the eight chapters of The Women of Christmas, she focuses mainly on Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna--and what they, through their faith, brought to the pre-Christmas scene. Although there are, of course, themes applicable to men and women, Liz does purposely aim her book towards women; and, sometimes, it's good to hear words from one woman to another. 

I read most of this book one chapter at a time, at night. It was a nice addition to the approach of Christmas, a reminder of what it is I set out to celebrate. Some of the ideas Liz moves through I had heard before; some I hadn't. But she puts everything together in a way that is easy to take in--and to absorb.  

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