Friday, January 21, 2022

Black Butterfly: Pecan Turtle Bites

Don't you love it when a chocolate maker makes a chocolate just for your palate? That is, these Pecan Turtle Bites from Black Butterfly were not actually made specifically for me--but things sure worked out as if they were. There are always new things on the shelves in addition to the gems of truffles in the glass case, and these piked my interest from the start. 

The clear, vertical box allows an easy look at the chocolates inside while also giving a more upscale look that would be great for gifting. For the time being at least, Black Butterfly has switched their usual purple ribbon with black. I'm rather liking the change. The purple was nice, but the black is sleek, no? The usual price for little bags or things like this on the shelf is $15. While that might at first sound steep for a big handful of chocolate pecans, when you compare that to the price of truffles it is in fact quite reasonable. There were probably around 20 of these in the box. 

I thought this would be one of the cases in which my knife would just make a mess when slicing one of the pecans in half, but surprisingly you get a nice clean cut. Though the chocolate has a light shine to it, there's no thick coat of glaze. The chocolate is soft. As are the pecans. They crunch much softer than I'd expected, as well. Is it because they're given a light toasting? 

Flavor-wise, I couldn't have asked for more. As you can see in the picture, there is no visible (or messy) caramel. But the flavor of caramel is the strongest in comparison to the other flavors of pecan and chocolate. The ingredients list both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. So what I'm guessing is that the caramel is combined with the milk chocolate to make the outer layer (with the inner layer being the dark chocolate). Unless the inner layer is mixed milk and dark chocolate, while the outer layer is simply a sugary caramel concoction similar to "candy coating" that looks like white chocolate but is just sugar? Maybe that's more likely. Whichever way, the effect is great. 

Again, the texture is soft with a light and affectionate crunch. The caramel flavor is sweet and indulgent, while the chocolate adds balance and weight. So the chocolate adds the mature element to the frilly and creamy sweetness. I don't often say this, but I truly have to keep myself from finishing the whole box. I'll be sad when they're gone, but oh, is it difficult to not keep eating them all. They're a wonderful indulgence packaged up in elegant fashion. 

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