Friday, October 2, 2009

Paintings and Seasons

I love this painting. I got it in August at an antique store. It was $11 or $12, a little thing of 9''x7'' including the frame. But I love it. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but it's so sweet. Simple strokes of paint in vibrant colors create an almost fantastical atmosphere. The tone is wonderful. It takes the desert and depicts it not as bare, but as rich and full of life. Beautiful.

Only thing is, it looks to be a painting of April, not October. It's very funny how with October, the edge came off of the sun so that it doesn't instantly burn anymore, but it still gets hot. What's funnier is that the mornings and evenings feel cold when they're only in the 70's. Something very weird there. Anyway, though, it is nice to sort of simultaneously have two seasons. I can start bringing the fall fashions into my wardrobe, while still wearing summery things like short sleeves and skirts. I'd hate to actually be dressing for cold, cold weather. Even though I don't like shorts, big jackets are just . . . I don't like them. Part of the reason for that might be that I've lived most of my life in a place not unlike the painting. So I say again, I'm so glad for Arizona, the most wonderful place.

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