Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Making of Gagaween

You can view the behind the scenes video here and the parody itself here

Back when I was first getting into The Hillywood Show, it was their behind the scenes videos that helped me become a fan. I loved seeing how much they enjoyed their work and how much they put into every scene. Yesterday, we got a behind the scenes video for Gagaween (which came out in October). Like the video for Harry Potter Friday Parody, this one is about half hour long. That kind of length is just an incredible gift for fans: we'll happily sit through it all. I think it only makes the parodies themselves more enjoyable to see how they were made.

This particular video shows some anticipated bits, like the skeleton makeup and how Hilly maneuvered the mermaid's tale, and also some technical things. If technical is the right word. It's more like fastidious attention that will yield a polished result. The room for this scene is only five feet square? That's okay--no one will be able to tell on camera. We need shots against this backdrop for all of these costumes? Okay, let's go. 

There are bloopers as well, of course. Can't go without those, whether they're from tricky costumes or just repeating lines. 

I would be quite happy if all the behind the scenes from now on ended up this long: it's the fans who watch these, anyway, and we want to know everything.

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