Friday, March 14, 2014

My Colors

Sometimes I look in my closet to find my color palette. Although I have been buying a greater variety of colors, I think mainly the colors I have are cream, brown, gray, and green. The colors of the earth.

I have a very hard time wearing red, pink, or orange. I don't like bright, attention-drawing colors--or frilly, girly colors. So you won't find very much purple, either. And I realize that my color palette carries on to more than just my wardrobe and to more than just colors.

In college, someone I was still getting to know said she thought I would be a Jane Austen girl--to which I quickly proclaimed that, oh, no, I think Jane Austen is boring and political and I prefer the emotion and connection to nature that I find in Charlotte Brontë. If I liked Jane Austen for the socio-political side, I would be okay with wearing red or purple. If I liked her for the romantic, movie-adaptation side, I would definitely wear pink. But instead I like Charlotte, so I wear simple grey like her heroines do, or neutral grays and greens.

Usually green has meant my military green jackets, but I have recently started adding a couple of brighter green items--just because green is becoming my signature color. But the brightness has taken some getting used to. No lime green. I, traditionally, prefer the green of adventure: certain shades of green used to remind me of Narnia and Middle-earth. It is simultaneously a color of imagination and of the natural world. If I can pair green with brown, I become like a tree. And brown does add a neutral side to green, taking away brightness (like a pair of silly green tights with a simple brown or grey dress).

So I am soft--but not frilly/girly. I wear lipstick more often than high heels; I wear boots more often than pink. But I am not tough, either. I wear plenty of jewelry, not tattoos; I have two pairs of green tights but no fishnets. I am not homespun or dainty; I am not bold and forceful. Instead, I wear a garment of calm with the accessories of devotion and fervor. I am not fluid like the water or strong like the rock; I am steadfast and watchful and cautious as the earth. With the colors cream, brown, grey, and green.

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