Sunday, June 29, 2014

Independence Week

You see, I think it's silly that you can go to stores, year-round, and buy all sorts of products with the British flag*--but products with the American flag are fewer and tend to pop up only around the one or two national holidays. Even then, you usually have to be devoted to find anything more than cheap flags and flag bunting, maybe some napkins and cupcake papers. Why? Why? Why?

Let's be patriotic, I say. I wear my U.S. flag scarf on the national holidays. I even wore it in at least 110 degree weather last year for the Tempe Town Lake fireworks; that's devotion, I tell you. This year, I quickly snatched a flag pillow from World Market, and the Fourth of July display tempted me to walk into Charming Charlie for the first time and buy a flag necklace. I did my toenails flag-style: alternating red and white on the small toes and blue with white stars on the big toes. I wore my flag necklace already today, and got excited when I found out that my church is doing a Fourth of July Sunday next week. Bring on the Independence Day spirit, I say.

Fourth of July should be all week. Let's make this our week. Let's decorate ourselves in red, white, and blue. Let's rejoice in the open hillsides--or glittering cityscapes--that we call home. Let's recall our favorite characters out of history. Let's think of how many states we've visited and which we love best. Let's read our favorite American authors, watch our favorite American shows, listen to our favorite American bands. Let's remember what is good about our country and set aside this or that little worry about whatever.

Let's lead up to the fireworks on Friday night. Let's let each day focus on one of the many aspects of this country that there are to love. Let's celebrate.

*Don't get me wrong, I love some British-ness as much as the next person. I have my morning and afternoon and sometimes evening tea every day and greatly love a good British TV show and would be slightly concerned to visit the Great Island because I think I might very much like it.

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