Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sylvia, the Bearded Dragon Lady

This is Sylvia. She's a bearded dragon. I recently discovered that she wants to be a model when she grows up:

It figures: she has always loved jewelry and makeup, that sort of thing. She's such a girly girl--but with that right touch of toughness. 

So I thought, what's the first step she can take toward her goal? Why not give her a portrait? (Okay, that isn't why I painted her. It's actually become a custom of mine to paint pets. I've done six or seven already.) Did you know how difficult it is to try and paint scales? I'm used to painting fur, which mimics brushstrokes. But scales are completely different. I was at my wit's end, painting in layer after layer while watching Star Wars behind the scenes. Sylvia came in to investigate my progress and make a few helpful suggestions.

She's such a sweet little dragon.

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