Monday, November 17, 2014

The Turkeys Approach

It is the Month of the Turkeys . . . and nothing could please me more.

Throwing turkeys around is like happiness. They're all over my new bookcase, even this little lollipop turkey that proclaims everywhere that it is 100% edible (because, frankly, I suppose they're right in thinking that it doesn't look all that edible).

The blue turkey puppet (Did I get it in Santa Fe or San Diego? It was some years ago) sits atop the TARDIS. Blue on blue.

I try to improve each Thanksgiving, to get more excited or to create even more of an event. Last year I tried making stuffing for the first time without a box mix--it took longer, but it was so worth it (and, frankly, not even hard). This year I started bemoaning the lack of bread selection. It might have been possible to order someone coming from more of a city area to bring rolls, but I wanted to choose them. So it came to the next option: try making them. I tried out the recipe yesterday (it's this one from Martha Stewart), and it turned out right. I've always been afraid of yeast (yes, from just one bad experience trying to bake), but this was fun. Such a soft and light dough that I didn't even mind kneading it. 

So today's lunch? One roll filled with some leftover steak and another roll filled with thinly sliced cucumber, all served on my turkey plate. I wasn't exaggerating when I said I had a lot of turkeys around.

The Day of the Turkeys doth approach.

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