Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Walking Dead Parody

I'm usually quicker when it comes to The Hillywood Show. But it feels like everything has been off this time. 

First, they announced that their next parody would be based on The Walking Dead. I know it's a popular show, but I've never watched it. Still, this wouldn't be the first time I watch something just for Hillywood--I had been telling everyone I'd get to Doctor Who eventually, but it wasn't until the time in between Hillywood's announcement and their DW parody that I finally watched the 2005-2013 episodes. Although TWD never interested in me, I vaguely thought I would watch at least one episode before the parody. But I've been busy, so time went by until Monday, when this came out:

Trouble is, I started getting sick over the weekend (and as is often the case, I know who got me sick--you know who you are). And Monday was my worst day. I was watching Tangled and getting very sleepy--but the parody was out when the movie was over. So I opened my laptop to watch, said, oh, that's nice, and then closed my laptop and fell asleep. Not the gratitude Hillywood deserves.

I still haven't watched the two behind the scenes videos, over an hour of footage that I'm sure is wonderful, as usual. It feels strange to talk about the parody without having seen the extra footage. And it's also strange to talk about a parody whose source material I've never seen. It feels like that hasn't happened with Hillywood in a while--though it's only technically been since their Warm Bodies Parody last year. And that was another zombie one. Coincidence? But that parody had such a perfect storyline of its own that it wasn't really necessary to have seen the movie first. 

This parody is a little different. I understand that it has different moments from the show, but it also has less of a storyline. It's more about setting than events. The characters, the type of situation going on, the places. So that's easy to follow if you haven't watched the show. And what stands out right away with this video is sleekness. Perhaps the new partnership with Nerdist is paying off because while Hillywood's always been sleek, it's even more so this time. And the slow-motion on the dances, that just fit so well and looked so good. 

While Hilly's played plenty of male characters and has had some amazing makeup, her character here is so fully put together that it did take me a moment to realize it was her--and I'm always expecting her to be in a new video. I'm always looking to see who she'll be, and as good as the makeup and acting are, I can always tell. But this time it did take me a moment. 

So I'm still not really interested in watching The Walking Dead. Funnily enough, the very parody that could have been reason enough for me to watch the show has also half convinced me that it isn't the type of thing I want to watch. I'm so strange. Anyway, though, this was another polished video from The Hillywood Show.

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