Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Disney Tag Questions

I've been watching some Disneyland channels on YouTube lately and I came across these questions on Subway Mouse's channel. Even though this isn't a YouTube video, I still felt like answering them because this is my blog so I can do whatever I want with it. In answering these questions, I'm basically sticking to animated movies because it would be too much content to bring in live action, as well.

1) Favorite Character - Mickey Mouse. Classic.

2) Favorite Princess - Belle. Because she has brown hair and eyes and she reads.

3) Favorite Heroine - Mulan because it took a lot of heroism to go on the journey that she chose; she acted physically and mentally in order to do what she thought was right to save her father.

4) Favorite Prince - Prince Philip because he's classy and yet has a sense of humor, he talks to his horse, he says all of those things to his father about how he should be able to marry the girl he loves even if she's a peasant because "it's the fourteenth century," and he goes on a heroic quest of good against evil in order to save Aurora.

5) Favorite Hero - Prince Philip, for the aforementioned reasons about his quest of good against evil.

6) Favorite Animal - Crocodile from Peter Pan and Siamese cats from The Lady in the Tramp. The silly characters, that is.

7) Favorite Sidekick - Hyenas from The Lion King. More silliness here. I don't favor a particular one; I just like how they talk among themselves and to other characters.

8) Favorite Villain - Scar. I had a hard time thinking about this one because, while I enjoy watching the villains when they're onscreen, I've never felt like I have a favorite or even one that I really like. But when I thought of Scar, I knew it had to be him: he's a compelling character. Suave and truly evil, with that wonderful voice.

9) Favorite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc.) - Mickey Mouse because he started it all (well, sort of).

10) Favorite Love Song - "Once Upon a Dream" and "One Song." It's hard to say which I like more. They're both romantic in a classy way.

11) Favorite Song - I'm going to have to repeat with "Once Upon a Dream."

12) Favorite Villain Song - "Be Prepared." Now I begin to notice the Lion King preference.

13) Least Favorite Song - Probably all the songs I'm not thinking of. So I'll go with "The Dwarfs' Washing Song" because it's my least favorite sequence in the practically perfect Snow White.

14) Favorite Kiss - Snow White because it's a plot element and also something about theme.

15) The First Movie You Saw - The Lion King. In theaters, that is. I don't know what amount of Disney I might have seen before this. I was about two at the time and apparently my whole family loved the movie so much that we went to see it again (pretty unheard of for us to see something twice back then).

16) Favorite Classic - Sleeping Beauty. I'm taking "classic" to mean during Walt's lifetime. I should probably say Snow White because I think it's one of, if not the best of Disney animated films. But I have this fondest for Sleeping Beauty. The beautiful music, the artistry, and the straightforward good versus evil plot.

17) Song that always gets stuck in your head - "Once Upon a Dream" because it's a great song. "Fantasmic" and "Zip a Dee Doo Dah" from the park because they're both catchy tunes.

18) Favorite Pixar Film - Toy Story because I can almost pretend that it's Disney instead of Pixar (I don't overly care for Pixar).

19) Least Favorite Pixar Film - Inside Out. I heard all of these wonderful things about it and it won the Oscar and then I watched it and thought that it was mostly boring and juvenile. Sure, it had a couple of stellar moments, but overall I didn't enjoy it.

20) Favorite Sequel - Mulan 2. I've only seen it once so far, but it was entertaining and had a good look at its theme.

21) Overrated Movie - Aladdin. Everyone in my generation seems to love this movie, and I've always been the one who doesn't get it. Maybe because I don't think I have any memories at all of watching it as a child. Watching it as an adult, I thought it was less than perfect--but I'l have to give it another chance.

22) Underrated Movie - The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Similar situation: barely any memories of watching it as a child but when I watched it as an adult, I thought it was great. Great theme, good songs, and a unique approach to characters.

23) Movie that makes you laugh -  Lady and the Tramp because it reminds me of how silly pet owners are for putting up with everything that our dogs, cats, and other animals do to us and our homes. It really hits the mark and remains quite realistic despite how old the movie now is.

24) Movie that Makes You Cry - The Lion King. I guess. Because it probably has one of the saddest Disney animated moments.

25) The Saddest Scene from Your Favorite Movie - I don't know what my favorite movie would be, so I'll just go with Beauty and the Beast. The scene is when the Beast sends Belle's father away. I just remember this as being a very dark moment: it's in the dungeon, it's nighttime, and there really isn't anything soft or nice about this moment.

26) Saddest Death - Mufasa. Bambi's mother is a close second. Those Disney orphans.

27) Favorite Quote - I have no idea. So I'll say "Remember who you are" from The Lion King since I've been talking about that movie so much. It's a good reminder to not give up on values and to not run away from what you know you need to do. Somehow it also speaks to the sense of community that is so strong in that film.

28) Favorite Theme Park - Disneyland. Of course.

29) Favorite Theme Attraction - Splash Mountain because it combines story and thrills.

30) Favorite Theme Park Show - Fireworks because you can watch them from almost anywhere in the park, even from some of the rides.

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