Wednesday, September 19, 2018

When the Desert Rains

When the desert rains, the land looks happy.

Sometimes it rains in a drizzle--and the plants, busy sucking up the water to store for the long months ahead, look greener than ever under the gray clouds.

Sometimes it rains in a monsoon--and the lightning bolts, the grand masters of drama, crash across the horizon like veins on a pair of hands.

The moisture doesn't make the earth smell like dirt or mud, or bland like wet grass. Instead, the rain brings out all the unique scents of the plants. And so it is that the smell of desert rain is unlike any other smell. It's like the smell of gratitude, from the plants and towards the water. It makes you feel so much more connected to the cycles of the land, so much more aware of what something like rain means to the health the earth.

When the desert rains, the land is happy.

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