Friday, August 16, 2019

Shattel: Kimbiri Peru 70%

Goodness, I didn't realize it had been over a year since I looked at that first bar from Shattell. Maybe it's just as well that they ended up spaced out: they're both fantastic bars of chocolate, each worthy of getting their own spotlight. This one has more of a flavor journey going on, though, a journey through different seasons, too.

I admit, I like this packaging less than with the other. Maybe simply because I prefer green to pink. The design still has the look of Peru, though, which is nice (reminder, Shattell is a Peruvian company). Both bars are made with chocolate grown in Peru, but this one is specifically from Kimbiri. I love that Shattell is showcasing their cocoa to the world. The chocolate's aroma here simply gives a deep chocolate scent. The layers don't really begin until you start tasting.

The start is dark and cloudy, like a storm is about to start brewing. The texture, like with the other bar, is almost dusty. Then everything smoothes out and the chocolate becomes a little sweeter. I begin to think that Shattell must use a less processed type of sugar than what American and European chocolate makers use; their sweetness tastes completely different and much nicer.

Some tang begins that's lightly floral. The flavor that I call silvery works in. Then some banana begins, nice and mellow. Here the weather changes and we're on a walk through a pretty little park on a sunny day. Picturesque and cute, like in a movie. The banana flavor strengthens. As the chocolate melts, it leaves a delightfully full and yet light aftertaste.

I love a good flavor journey. I used to always make comparisons between the flavor of chocolate and the weather (I love talking about the weather, by the way--it isn't small talk to me, it's intense talk). Then I stopped. Maybe I got stagnant creatively (or didn't want either to just keep repeating myself or to force it); maybe I stopped tasting as much inspiring chocolate. So its nice to start again.

I'm also all about the metaphors. This chocolate bar is hope. The sun breaks through the clouds.

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