Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Yellow Flowers

You know, I don't believe that life is all about happiness. Happiness is in its essence a shallow thing; there are other things that matter more. (Joy is separate from happiness, but that's a whole other conversation.) However, happiness does have its role in life.

Sometimes rediscovering yourself involves rediscovering happiness.

This morning I had a grand time at one of my volunteer places, then I went on an errand or two. And I picked up flowers for myself. I'd never done that before. You hear people talking about it and you know something? It's a powerful thing, to buy flowers for yourself.

If another person gives you flowers, it's because they value you. Maybe you achieved something (graduation or a performance or an award). Maybe it's your birthday and they're showing they appreciate your existence. Maybe they're your significant other saying they love you. So when you give yourself flowers, it's telling yourself that you value yourself.

I'm also not into the whole self-centered thing. Sure, be empowered, but don't just think about you. No, you are not the whole world. But the way to be a significant part of the place you live in is to first value yourself. Only then can you be there for others.

I bought myself flowers today. I chose yellow because I like yellow; yellow flowers are feminine without being girly. I chose Peruvian lilies because they look like wildflowers. These flowers look like warm weather and sunshine and smiles. In my living room, they bring life and . . . happiness.

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