Monday, April 6, 2020

Some Things Delayed; Some Things New

What's happened is that the whole world started building fear and anxiety at the same time that I was facing my own fears and anxieties completely apart from the issue the world is facing. So the general fear sometimes added to mine and sometimes distracted from mine. It's kind of been a reminder that whatever is or isn't happening and whatever fears are shared and whichever are just individual, there are always terrible and/or difficult things going on in this world. It's a fallen world, remember?

But Light persists through it all.

So anyways, I just wanted to ease back into blogging by reflecting on the things that I would have blogged about if everything hadn't been shut down. The things that I have missed. But also the things that have been coming up that wouldn't have otherwise.

This past weekend would have been Arizona Opera's last production of the season, Ariadne auf Naxos. No opera. Last month, I was considering going to Phoenix Symphony's Disney in Concert. No Disney. (I was also thinking of going to Disneyland again in April; no Disneyland.) I've been skipping more of Southwest Shakespeare's plays, anyway, I guess, but I had thought at least to go to Hudson in April. No plays. No movies, either. I was really looking forward to Mulan. Now the release date has been officially moved to late July, but whether or not that'll even hold remains to be seen.

I'd also thought to watch the Jeremy Camp movie, I Still Believe. It did have about a week in theaters before the theaters shut down, but I don't think we were all rushing out to see it first thing so I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed it. They did recently release it to rent online, though, which is nice. I haven't rented a movie online in years (I'm one of the few people who still gets Netflix DVDs). It's a good story for this moment in time, too: it's a story about knowing that life will bring terrible/difficult things and yet also knowing that there is hope beyond all of that. Jeremiah 31:17 -- "There is hope in thine end," that's what I've been thinking about lately.

And there is much more streaming going on, too, not just movie rentals. Plays and operas and concerts are going online. Pretty much everyone is trying to at least offer something (museums are showcasing pictures online or even doing virtual tours). This weekend I got the exciting news that Emma Shapplin is doing a live concert at the end of May. It can be difficult to even track down her music (from the U.S. at least), and I hadn't heard anything new of her in quite a while. Given that and the fact that I'll probably never see her live, that news kind of made my day.

Some some things have been delayed or canceled. Some expectations have been burst. Some new things have come up. Some new enjoyment has been created. This is life: you never know exactly what will happen but you do know that some of it won't be nice and some of it will be (and that of course applies to more than just shows and movies).

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