Friday, September 18, 2020

Zak's Chocolate: Double Silver Latte Bar

Take the Coffee Break Bar from Zak's Chocolate and take their Belize White Chocolate and put them together and what do you get? The Double Silver Latte Bar. Two favorites in one must surely mean a third favorite, right? 

The Coffee Break Bar, you'll recall, is a 55% dark chocolate that also contains coffee (from Bergie's) and milk. And the White Chocolate has a greater cocoa flavor than is generally found in white chocolate while still also maintaining that intense creaminess. In this Latte Bar, the two chocolate bars are literally layered on top of each other. I only rarely get to expound on how much I love layering different type of chocolates because it is done so rarely. Whether it's milk chocolate and dark chocolate or white chocolate and milky dark chocolate, the effect is strikingly pleasing.

You can see a little bit of the dark chocolate peeking around the edges of the white chocolate. I'll here make a reminder that the white chocolate does in fact have a darker color than is typical of white chocolate; the camera picked that up accurately. If you do, though, see any fingerprints or slight muddling of the smooth surface it's because I keep my apartment too warm for chocolate, so it was bound to get slightly marred. (I don't recommend putting chocolate in the refrigerator unless you have no other option. Once upon a time I used to keep an insulated bag with an ice pack for my chocolate stash, but that was too much hassle.) So that's my fault. 

Instantly on unwrapping, you get a nice coffee smell. On tasting, the coffee hit comes at the same time as that creamy, milky flavor. The white chocolate gives a super soft and creamy texture. In fact, examining the bar would suggest that the white chocolate takes up just a tad more than half the thickness, which is in keeping with the latte effect. There is then more of a cocoa butter flavor than a straight cocoa flavor. There is some chocolate richness, but primarily this is a sweet and creamy concoction. Also it's probably milder on the coffee flavor than the plain Coffee Break Bar itself is; again, though, that's consistent with the latte comparison. 

For more coffee flavor, bite in dark chocolate side down. For less coffee during the bite but more of a coffee aftertaste, try it white chocolate down. Or to mingle coffee and sugar and milk, just mix them up as they melt in your mouth. The white chocolate that Zak's makes is already quite unique. Pair that with such a delightful concept as layered white and dark with coffee and it's an undeniable winner, something to add to the foodie lists. One thing I do not recommend: sharing this chocolate bar. You will want your own, so buy a separate one per person.

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