Monday, March 29, 2021

Spring Is for Rambling

I take days off from posting regularly. Sometimes I'll take a whole week off. (And I mean for when I publish posts, because of course I often have them written ahead of time so that they're read to go on schedule. Or at least I write them not necessarily on the days I post them.) But two weeks? How did that happen? 

I haven't been on vacation or sick or anything too exciting. I mean, I did work extra this past week, but I've certainly had busier work weeks in the past. The short of it, I suppose, is that it is spring. When I'm not working, I don't want to be home and I don't want to be indoors. So if I'm trying to get out, then that means that when I'm in I have too many things that need doing that I'm not getting to. Things like vacuuming and cleaning the bathtub. Washing my dishes takes priority over writing blog posts. 

And maybe I just needed a break. Sometimes I need a break even when I have lots of plays or festivals to write about. Nowadays it can be hard to have topics. Still no live events or festivals. I don't watch a lot of movies or shows. (I guess I could write about how I've been watching an episode of Get Smart at the end of a lot of my workdays, but do I really have much to say about that?) And I don't want to write about every movie I see, or every book I read. Now that I've been reading more, I find I want to write about what I read less. I don't like writing "reviews," so I write when I have a topic, something I want to extrapolate on in a post. 

Or maybe it's because I've been doing all my deep internal thinking that is very personal and I don't usually write very personal things publicly. Yeah, that could be part of it: I have things to extrapolate on, but they're not always things to share on a blog (that is, for me--I know other people are perfectly fine with regularly sharing very personal subject matter). 

I could just ramble about what I did this evening instead of at long last writing a new post. I was looking at Chia Pets on and almost ordered one until I remembered to check if they had the complete series of Little House on the Prairie DVDs back in stock that I wanted recently, and since they didn't I did a wider Internet search and found them on and ordered them there, and then I remembered the Chia Pet and felt guilty making two Internet purchases in one evening, so I decided to save the Chia Pet for another day. And then I wandered into the kitchen wondering why I wasn't hungry for second dinner like I usually am after work, and since I wasn't I went back to my laptop to open up the blank blog post again. And here I am. That is how you waste an hour.

But you know, I did order something that I'd been planning to get. And I did write a blog post. So there is some accomplishment. A poor post it is, but perhaps this poor post will ease me back in, eh?

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