Wednesday, September 1, 2021

New Mexico Part 5: Los Poblanos

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Last week, I exclaimed over the Afternoon Tea at La Quinta from Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm. Now let's spend some time on the inn itself, shall we? The inn itself is small with under fifty rooms (maybe 43?) scattered in four main sections. The grounds have a meandering quality to them that welcomes quiet wandering. You enter through a tree-lined lane, with the lavender fields to the right side. 

A walk around might bring you over to the alpacas, sheep, and chickens. You can also see vegetables growing nearby.

 By contrast, you can then go past the more formal La Quinta area. Near the new Hacienda Spa and the historic Meem rooms (the other guest rooms are newer constructions) are the Rose Greely Gardens. 

There is space to sit and enjoy, and there are hidden details like a trio of frogs by the pond and a pattern to the stones in the walkway. The aroma is of roses. 

As you walk, you might be greeted by the resident feral cat, Mouse. Mouse is a friendly host and will freely ask for cuddles. Kind of makes you feel like you're part of the family.

Because we were there during the lavender harvest, we were also able to see the distillation process taking place. While there isn't necessarily much to watch, it's special to get to see and may give you a new appreciation for essential oil and hydrosol. 

Oh, yes, and did I mention the lavender harvest? I did my part and shaved one lavender bush. So who knows, if you buy a lavender product from Los Poblanos, it might be made with some of the lavender I cut. 

Your wanderings will also bring you past peacocks and sunflowers (well, sunflowers depending on the time of year). 

And let's also not forget the Lotus Pond. If you are looking for natural elegance, Los Poblanos is the place. It has something of the feel of a place like the Huntington Library in California what with that combination of outdoor beauty as well as historical buildings. 

Next time we'll focus on their restaurant, Campo. 

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