Friday, September 10, 2010

Everybody Has a Birthday

I seem to have a birthday in a charmed month. September is also the birthday month of Bilbo & Frodo and Bella from fiction; Kaleb Nation and Skandar Keynes (aka. Edmund) from real life. I'm sure there are plenty more, but these are the only ones I know off the top of my head. (A Google search reveals that there are indeed a lot; there are just so many people in the world that I guess every month is a charmed month).

Being that my parents came by and bestowed me with money (and their company, yes), I saw the chance to pick up some things I've been wanting for a while. Specifically, a second autograph by The Hillywood Show (the Dark Knight picture this time) with a frame (thank you, Michael's, for having a sale on frames when I went), a Barnes & Noble leather-bound copy of The Arabian Nights (which CS Lewis first inspired me to want, and I Dream of Jeannie further set me on my way for getting), Phillip LaRue's CD Let the Road Pave Itself (which I've wanted since "Chasing the Daylight" was an iTunes free single a long time ago), and, oh, yes, one more. I think I'll have to add Florence + the Machine's CD, too. Remember, they have the song "Heavy in Your Arms" on the Eclipse soundtrack. My finger is just itching to press that "Buy Album" button on iTunes right now; should I do it? I think yes, but I would hate for this to be an album I would like for a while, then discard. I usually like to take more time to make sure I thoroughly enjoy something before buying it, but I can't seem to help it . . . 

There -- it is done. Clicking on the sample listen for "Drumming Song" decided me: I don't know the story behind that song, but the idea of your mind resonating loudly connects with me. The tangible intangible and all . . . 

If only I had been given a few hundred dollars for my birthday; then I would have been able to buy an I Dream of Jeannie bottle. Someday I will have to get one of those. 


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