Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day In The Life . . .

I don't know where I got the desire to document one of my average days, but here is a Monday in my life.

Waking up at the comfortable hour of 8:30, I make my bed and put on my makeup by the mirror behind my bedroom door. Hence, everything gets spread around the carpet. That's Merle Norman foundation, blush from a Luna Twilight palette, both L'Oreal and Stila eyeliner (one for the bottom, one for the top), Ulta eye shadow, my new Urban Decay eye primer, a Revlon lash-curler, and Dior Fashionshow mascara in waterproof. Suffice it to say that I don't have a favorite makeup brand yet.

Breakfast is a quick affair, either cereal or toast, as I'm usually running late by the time I get to the kitchen and I don't have much of a morning appetite these days. But I do make sure to pack lunch, a juice for when I start getting hungry too early, and my water bottle.

I am now attempting to brush my teeth twice a day instead of once; isn't that praise-worthy? (By the way, it looks like I'm in need of a new toothbrush head, but since Sonicare products aren't exactly cheap . . .)

And I'm out the door. 

My lovely waiting spot for the unreliable bus (unreliable because I've known it to arrive five minutes early, as well as ten/fifteen minutes late . . . which means I have to be five minutes early to the stop, even if I then have to wait a while extra). It faces the rising sun, which can be quite unhandy during the summer.

After my ride, I switch over to walking rather than transferring to a second bus. This really only loses a few minutes, and it allows me to get in a little exercise. Time from bus to classroom: about twenty-five or thirty minutes. It's a little trying sometimes to take this walk at 10:00 when the weather is already in the 90's, but I comfort myself with the fact that it will cool soon. And I really do enjoy "my little walk."

Two classes later and close to 1:00, I seek out a place to lunch. I just discovered this enchanting spot this semester; there are about nine tables under the shade of a few trees. Quiet and comfortable, it's really ideal.

I do try and get some work done during this time; I feel like I'm wasting good time if I don't. Ah, Latin, Latin, Latin.

Last is my 2:00-3:15 English Grammar class; fun stuff. I have a good view (behind me, that is) of the Language and Literature building (where I have most of my classes) as I wait for the bus.

Waiting (again) for the bus transfer, I have a nice view of sky, which I attempted (and failed) to bring to life in this picture. Since this stop faces west, and it's usually afternoon when I wait here, I have that same problem with facing the sun. Oh, well, that's what sunglasses are for, right?

A fifteen minute ride and a seven minute walk bring me back to my apartment, where I check the mail. I begin to have a sort of addiction to checking the mail: it seems I'm always expecting something. A copy of Vogue, a Netflix DVD, or some chocolate samples.

Then I ascend the stairs, up to the sun. Short-lived though this moment is, you can see why it would be memorable. Already hot from being outside, it's not exactly the kind of thing you like to come home to.

Which is why, once inside, I empty my bag carelessly across my bed so that I can get at what I need without having to arrange it all yet.

My folders from the day go back in my new pocket-organizer on my desk.

I usually check up on my sticky-notes of assignments to make sure I know what I need to get done. Pretty light week this time.

And then rest time. Snacking of celery, tortilla chips, and hummus while drinking more water and watching an episode of Bewitched. (And yes, those are cacao nibs and cacao beans in the background, as well as an insulated bag of chocolate -- the consequences of being both a chocolate-reviewer and president of a chocolate club).

That's just about it. Working on school things comes next, then dinner (I can't remember what it was Monday, but Wednesday was chicken with Tikka Masala sauce and some couscous). Maybe a movie online or some reading before bed.

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