Thursday, September 16, 2010

Support Kaleb Nation

I notice that I like to take an interest in certain people, their careers and such. I was like this with the band Blondfire. The two I'm most liking to support right now are Kaleb Nation and The Hillywood Show.

If you'll go backwards one year, you will find my thoughts on Kaleb Nation's first book (the book post is here and the book-signing write-up is here). Since then, I've kept up on Kaleb's vlogging/blogging. The sequel to Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse comes out on 10/10/10, and Kaleb is rallying the Nationeers for something epic this time.

Namely, to get Bran Hambric: The Specter Key on the New York Times bestseller list.

Perhaps you reaction this way: I've never heard of this person -- how can he have such bold plans? Not so bold: it's a well-thought out battle plan, and the people who do know who Kaleb Nation are have an equal boldness. I think this wish may be in actual danger of coming true.

The way to make this happen is to get as many people as possible to pre-order the book. This way all of those sales will count for the same period of time. So I urge anyone/everyone to click the link to preorder Kaleb Nation's second book and help one author realize a dream. (Especially since today happens to be his birthday -- what better way to celebrate?) Also, you can take a look at the book trailer here. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos on Kaleb's channel; he's doing a video a day for the countdown to The Specter Key.

Speaking of people I like to support, I just have to share my new wall-art:

The bottom autograph (which I got a couple months ago) is from The Hillywood Show's New Moon Parody, while the top one (from their Dark Knight video) I just recently got. I do mean to add more in the future, until this wall is positively brimming Hillywood.

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