Monday, May 14, 2012


It was just a quiet little afternoon, a plan to spend the later part of the day in pleasant ambling. We drove over to Pine, the tiny and cute town in a wooded area that also happens to be minutes away from where desert plants grow.

The plan didn't go much further than to reach Pine, but it was inevitable that once there we started antique store hopping. Pine may be tiny, but its antiquing isn't bad. I found a three dollar vintage felt hat in the first store and called myself happy. I hadn't been aiming to actually find things on this trip.

But I couldn't help it. In a later store, we were talking about how items have to speak to you, and I saw a 100% wool, green, very slightly almost Fedora-looking hat sitting on a top shelf. It spoke to me, yes. I snatched it up, saw its eight dollar price tag (usually twenty or thirty is more likely for a basic hat, maybe fifteen for a low price), tried it on just quick enough to make sure it fit okay, and then announced that it had to come with me. It was green, after all.

Outside the store, I put the hat on and my grin grew wider than the brim. So much for going to Pine just to hang out--I remain guilty: I don't regret my ridiculous green purchase.

Edit: here is a picture of the hat, taken on the drive back.

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