Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Popcorn Break

I am having an extraordinarily difficult time focusing on writing this paper, this last item of work for the semester. As I sat staring at the blinking cursor on Word, I pondered not on how to finish my sentence but on how it might help if I had some chips to snack on while writing. But I don't have any chips in the cabinet, and almonds just don't seem interesting right now. Then I remembered the jar of popcorn and jumped up to put some on the stove. Anything to avoid my paper.

It's been months since I last made popcorn--I was worried I would just make a burnt mess or add too much for the size pot I was using (I mildly detest the idea of microwave popcorn). But, no, it turned out perfect, the perfect amount, too, and in hardly any time at all. There is nothing so jovial as the sound of popcorn kernels popping up against the sides of a metal pot, bursting into pretty white flowers of edible joy. Add a little salt and you have perfection.

. . . Did I say perfection? Oh, dear, that means this is also the perfect snack for paper writing, in which case I am out of excuses to delay any longer. (Have you noticed that it is become my ritual to "warm up" for paper writing by posting ramblings about what food I am eating or some such other random topic? Whatever works.)

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