Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Primeval: New World Trailer Reaction

As I have been saying for months now, if you haven't watched the British series Primeval yet, go watch it. Another incentive to watch it is the upcoming Canadian spin-off, Primeval: New World, which unfortunately hasn't been picked up by a U.S. network yet. You can watch the newly released trailer for it here (and if you're looking for a Primeval fan/news site, I'd recommend Primeval-fans.net).

Right away, my sadness about the inevitable loss of "Britishness" in the new show was evident from the trailer. And there are quite a few CG/action-type shots. The CG looks good, but I do hope that the show isn't as much about CG as the trailer (trailers, after all, are about "selling" the show, not necessarily giving you a glimpse at exactly what it'll be like). There are also quite a few recognizable dinosaur (maybe not technically all dinosaurs . . .) creatures; again, let's hope this is just for the trailer and that there will be a greater range.

Naturally, ALP is the best part about the trailer; I say with full confidence that Connor has the best character arc of everyone in the original series. It's only fitting that he's the one to pass the torch on to the Canadians. Too bad he won't be in all the episodes.

But, really, this trailer doesn't show much. It shows typical trailer things and keeps the details to itself--can't let us be spoilered, after all. And as I've heard said before, if we want to show that we really want a sixth British season, the best thing we can do is to support New World wholeheartedly; my problem is just figuring out how to do that if it isn't even airing in my country. If they were at least available on iTunes, I'm sure I would be willing to pay to watch the episodes--just give me some way to watch them.

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