Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Favorites

I feel the need to justify the multitude of purchases on the September list. The fact is, I had a birthday epoch this month, which may have put me in possession of a trifle more money than usual. Only two of the items on this list aren't related to birthday-ness (#1 and #3, as if you couldn't tell).

1) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara - In my transition to more natural makeup, I have moved on from my quest to try every mascara to settle into Tarte's offerings. This one is their most popular, though I'll probably try the others, too. The biggest thing about this mascara, for me, is that you can layer it. If you can layer a mascara, you can pretty much get as full lashes as you want.

2) Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm - I rarely feel like my lips are dry, and I likewise rarely feel like a lip balm/color has made them feel any different. But when I got my Sephora birthday gift of a deluxe sample of Sugar Rose and Sugar lip balms, that changed. The Sugar Rose, which is the tinted one, feels amazingly soft and sort of buttery--I know that implies greasy, but it isn't that kind of texture at all. It feels nourishing, and though the tint is light, it's enough and also provides a subtle shine.

3) Oatmeal - I go through phases with oatmeal; sometimes I think it's delicious and other times I can't eat it. But right now I'm enjoying it made with almond milk instead of water and sweetened with honey. Speaking of things that are nourishing.

4) Castle Skirt - It's funny because most of the reviews on Anthropologie are my perspective exactly: I don't usually buy clothing full price at Anthropologie, but I had to for this skirt. (I only have two other clothing items from here, and I definitely wouldn't have made this purchase if not for the aforementioned $$.) The design of this skirt is ridiculously perfect: patterns, colors, and castles. It's silly and unique yet also a bit refined.

5) BookBook - One year after finding out about the existence of this laptop case, finally I was able to get it. And yes, it was worth the wait. I chose the version with a black spine as opposed to the red, which seems to be more popular (but I'm very much not a red person). The sides are sturdy enough to lend a little protection to my Mac and the leather binding attractive enough to match either my outfit as I walk across campus or my apartment while I get work done at home.

6) Purse - I'm pretty sure I've never spend more than forty dollars on a purse. So I've had a couple of Fossil purses, some fabric purses, and a weathered Gucci and an aged Prada picked from yard sales. I've never much shared in the purse obsession, mostly because I can never find something I really like, much less for its price. So given that I was going to have some money, my thoughts went to a purse: if I didn't have the usual price limits, that would make a big difference. And I had just seen one on Modcloth that looked fun. It's leather and big enough to store things like a water bottle and a scarf without looking big. And it looks unique, doesn't it? I couldn't buy a purse that looked like what someone else would be carrying: I had to choose one for me.

7) Green Satchel - Along the lines of uniqueness, I also saw this bag on Modcloth. A green leather briefcase, my, my. What absurdity. Which of course means that I had to get it. It's quite thin, so it only works for my "lighter" school days, but I think it's something I can use after I graduate, too. If I had chosen a bigger tote bag of sorts, that might not have been the case.

8) Purple Watch - Right after I got this watch at World Market, I started seeing similar watch styles everywhere. They must have copied me. Being faux leather, it goes against certain of my standards, but I'm justifying that by thinking of it as fashion jewelry: it'll probably go out of style soon and I'll lose interest in wearing it. So I'll just enjoy it for now instead of eyeing actual leather versions.

9) Green Headphones - Another Modcloth purchase, I thought these would be a step up from my Apple earbuds. They aren't top of the line, but they are a step up and they're green, so I'm happy. There's nothing like having your electronics fit in with decor.

10) Jane Eyre t-shirt - This shirt is a fairly new addition to Out of Print's collection. Given that I am working with this novel and two others for my honors thesis this year, I just had to get it. I wore it yesterday with a black pleated, schoolgirl-style skirt and a dark gray belt. Nerdy fashion, anyone?

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