Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New World Is Coming To The New World

I just had to give a quick note before collapsing early (at 9 instead of 10--my, how early) into the arms of Netflix in post-writing-papers-going-to-class-and-meetings-and-other-errands exhaustion.

At long last, we have confirmation that SyFy and Hulu have purchased Primeval: New World and will be showing it at some time next year. While that's still a long time to wait, at least we in the U.S. will get to watch it, right? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's available in January or at least February, but we don't have exact dates yet. In the meantime, I'm spreading the Primeval love and making as many new converts to the original show as I can--that'll mean all that many more people to watch the spin-off.

Go forth and do likewise. (And you can read the announcement article here.)

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