Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Horizons & Heights

I suppose a week should be long enough for me to have brought some thoughts together on Flyleaf's new album, New Horizons, right?

It did take some time for this album to soak in; I needed the time to contemplate the tone (Flyleaf's all about the tone for me) and listen to the lyrics. The sound of the album is something of a combination of Flyleaf's previous two, the harder sound of Flyleaf and the more melodic one of Memento Mori. And of course it also came with the announcement of Lacey's departure, which inevitably had to color my listening to the songs just a little bit. But this announcement had none of the awkwardness that might be expected (*cough* Paramore); you can read the official statements on their website. Lacey's message is so wonderfully put that I can't exactly have a reaction to this news. I can't rebel, I can't be sad--because there are three wonderful Flyleaf albums sitting in my iTunes library, songs that have grown with me and into me. To quote "New Horizons," I would say, "there is no such thing as time, inside this moment."

On to the album. I would characterize this one as standing on the edge of a cliff, feeling near weightless but not exactly breathless, stretched out and ready--not exactly to jump or fall, but to be lifted off into new area, New Horizons. The songs tend not to be painfully sad or necessarily painfully joyous. They are up and standing and thinking and doing. Besides the title song, I'm also really enjoying "Cage on the Ground," "Great Love," "Freedom," and "Stand." Of course, "Broken Wings" is also wonderful, and "Saving Grace" has really grown on me. And I like "Bury Your Heart" and "Fire, Fire," too. What's that? I've only left out two songs? I guess that expresses the main fact: another great Flyleaf album.

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