Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where the Kids Are - EP

I must give a quick shout out to Blondfire's latest EP, just released today. Where the Kids Are leads up to the full length album that will be coming next year and includes two songs previously released as singles and two more previously available to listen to online. These are: "Where the Kids Are," "Hide and Seek,""Waves," and "Walking With Giants." Do note that the two singles are new performances; they do sound ever so slightly different from the singles and their lengths are also different.

Having listened to "Waves" quite a bit online, I'm very happy to finally own it--and of course very happy to support Blondfire more by buying the EP. I think I only listened to "Hide and Seek" once; it's an interesting song that I'm looking forward to spending more time with. I liked many Blondfire lyrics before, but this EP seems to show that their lyric-writing skills have progressed. You can view all of these songs on two levels, the happy/pop level and the more contemplative/melodic level.

And of course, there it is: the Warner Brothers Records label. It's a cautious thing for an indie band to sign with a label, so let's set aside our apprehensions and embrace these new heights. "We're walking with the giants, feeling ten feet tall . . . "

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