Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Approach of Forte

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Today was the official release date for Forte's self-titled debut album; given that their time on America's Got Talent was so recent, this is very soon to be getting music out. Keeping the timing quick is smart since it also keeps them on people's minds, but a rushed album can probably only be a rushed album.

Their first single, "Caruso," I really enjoyed. But listening to the album, I tend to respond more to the songs that they performed with on the show than the new ones. I suspect that this may be because they had the opportunity to put more time into those songs, since they had done them before. Of course, it is their voices that makes Forte a success; yet it is only their voices that are great in this album. The short timeline didn't allow for the greatest background instruments and arrangements and such--like the good accompaniments that, say, Vittorio had on his self-titled album. The way the songs are put together gives away the short timeline--but I don't overly mind that fact since I know this won't be the last we hear of Forte.

After all, the wonderful thing is that they themselves can deliver this level of quality on their first album. I said it was all about their voices, and it is: musical ability paired with clear delivery. Their unique take on "My Heart Will Go On" and their version of "Somewhere," both of which we saw on TV, are some favorites from the album. Also is "The Prayer," which features former fellow competitor Cami Bradley; the song suits her voice well, making me glad they brought her in (I just learned that she put a short album on iTunes back in May; it looks quite nice). While there was something about "Bridge Over Troubled Water" that didn't draw me in and "Something" didn't interest me, I was glad that they included "Silent Night" at the end. Christmastime doth approach.

So it's a short album, and I know it won't end up being their best. But I enjoy hearing these three singers, so I'm glad to have material available so soon; not only does it give me something to listen to, but it also seals in their success.

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