Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Fifth Day of Thanksgiving

On this the Day of Thanksgiving, I found myself cooking a greater percentage of the dinner than I probably ever had before, in addition to trying out a couple new recipes. First thing, then, to be thankful for: the new pie crust and stuffing recipes. Butter really does make everything better. 

Pictured are just three turkeys from my collection. The largest I got in Third Grade, as a prize that I chose with our class tokens (which we would get for completing assignments, good behavior, that sort of thing). Initially, I wanted to paint this turkey, but as soon as I "bought" it, I knew it was perfect just the way it is. Then a couple years ago, someone found the smaller version in a secondhand store: now the big turkey has a baby turkey. The colorful, glittery pilgrim turkey is from World Market this year; it adds a little color to the more natural ones. 

As I reflect on the close of this day, I just way to say that peace feels so much better than stress or anger or strife. When the world is quiet, our hearts smile. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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