Friday, November 1, 2013

Captain Hilly Sparrow Is Back

Pirates are always in season. While The Hillywood Show, lately, has been keeping to parodies of more recent movies, this month they have gone back to their roots with a Pirates of the Caribbean Parody. It was several years ago now, before the viral Twilight and Harry Potter and Lady Gaga videos, that Hillywood was still doing Jack Sparrow-centered episodes. For someone who has been a fan for a few years, it's exciting to see the return of Hilly as Jack. 

As you can see, this video is in the music video style they are now known for. But that's not the only thing that is different from the old episodes: the sets, the makeup, Hilly's imitation of Johnny Depp's facial expressions, and the production value as a whole has all grown. In these five years, Hilly and Hannah may have set Jack aside, but they've still been busy making new content and improving their methods. It shows; this video is sleek. I think they have also been learning how to give a video good rewatchability. That was one of the things I said was good about their Breaking Dawn Parody (for Part 1), and that video how has over 21 million views. At first, I admit, I did think that this Pirates video could use a little more plot; plot, however, is one of the things that can drag a YouTube video down and make it less rewatchable. And a simple plot is fitting to POTC and to Jack Sparrow himself. The "Jack is Back" thing is, really, enough.

Oh, yes, and you must watch the Behind the Scenes, as well. That's thirty-eight minutes of Hillywood goodness. See the ship they filmed on, the mansion they used for some of the indoor scenes, and just how they got that amazing Kraken. It's like we've finally connected the dots between the original episodes and the later music video style parodies. The Hillywood Show is great. 

Remember: #JackisBack

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