Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Favorites

1) Chanel N° 5 Bottle - I don't much like the way Chanel N° 5 smells. However, it is a historical and iconic fragrance. I happened on an empty bottle at an antique store, and the emptiness suits me just fine.

2) Pink Macaroon Case - A little trinket I have around, this little macaroon opens up like a box. In all the time I've had it, however, I still haven't found the right thing to put inside.

3) Green Tights - I wanted a pair of plain green (versus light green or neon green or dark green or olive green) tights last year; I saw the right shade at Anthropologie, but they were gone when I went to get them. They turned up again this year, so here they are.

4) The Illustrated Silmarillion - Time to show off. I used to ogle this copy of The Silmarillion at Barnes & Noble when I was younger; Ted Nasmith isn't always my favorite Tolkien illustrator, but the work he did for this book is gorgeous and often breathtaking. When I finally got the book a few months ago, it was like going back to my early memories of these stories. (By the way, if you call yourself a Tolkien fan and have not yet read The Silmarillion, go read it.)

5) Rose Soap - I'm taking a break from local soap with this floral one from Santa Fe. The company specializes more in lavender. The rose scent is a little more perfumy than I like, but it's still nice and the soap is good quality.

6) Trader Joe's Harvest Blend Herbal Tea - For a low price, this tea smells like fall and the holidays. It has cinnamon, ginger, hibiscus, chamomile, chicory, orange peel, and apple. And it has a cute fox on the front.

7) Brown Boots - You know, I've never really had a tall pair of boots. This is surprising considering how popular they are. This season, however, I finally picked out a good quality, comfortable pair in a versatile style and color. Whether with pants or a dress, they have the right look.

8) Darth Vader Dress - Hee; hee. Hee; hee. This is the part where you either roll your eyes or get excited. Or possibly both. Given that I knew I'd be at a Halloween-type event but not a costume one, I decided to give in and get this Her Universe dress from It isn't quite a costume, and depending on how you wear it, can look more or less like regular clothing. You can't tell from the picture, but the skirt is A-line.

9) Plaid Dress - Sometimes you see a piece of clothing that you really like, but it's more than you want to spend. That's how it was with this dress. Then I just happened to be at Dillard's when they had an extra sale on reduced merchandise, so this dress came out at an incredibly low price. I call it my country librarian dress.

10) Felt Pumpkin Purse - Almost all the time this month, I have been using my pumpkin purse. It isn't the most convenient purse, but it's fun to have around. Happy Halloween.

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