Thursday, October 17, 2013

Watching the Green Monitor

You will recall my comments back in February when the Keychain Productions short film, Monitor, came out for rental online; you can read those here. Here we are now in October, with the timely appearance of the film on YouTube. It's just in time for Halloween, aye?

Because, yes, this film is on the horror side of genre--but not in a gruesome or bloody sort of way. Technically you might call it terror since we only get hints, toward the end, of what "it" is that is frightening; horror means that you are face to face with your fear. Technically. 

I've already put down my initial thoughts on this video. Let me add, however, that it was strangely delightful to be able to watch the film again after so many months. The color palette is just beautiful and the mood is so exact. Because I don't usually go for horror movies, I like having this shorter one to put in my Halloween collection. Just two more weeks left for the season. 

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