Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Hillywood Pirates Return

Once upon a time*, The Hillywood Show heavily featured Jack Sparrow. They never directly and singly parodied Pirates of the Caribbean, but Jack and Will were constantly there throughout the original episodes, moving through the stories of different movies. Jack Sparrow is classic Hillywood, even if he is from their early days.

At last, however, there will be a new Pirates parody. We were all, I think, half expecting a video when On Stranger Tides came out, but sometimes timing just doesn't work out. And I think POTC was a big enough thing that it doesn't matter if it's been a few years since the last movie came out: we'll all still be excited to see what The Hillywood Show does with it this time.

As they have done a couple of times in the past, Hilly and Hannah have started a GoFundMe for the parody, complete with different prize levels. Because they're sure to use their funds wisely, click here to donate. Thar be adventures and salty old pirates ahead.

*Who else is looking forward to Once Upon a Time tonight?

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