Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Third Day of Thanksgiving

You know, Thanksgiving is sort of like New Year's: they both, informally, cover two days. New Year's parties are on New Year's Eve, but the official day is New Year's Day. For Thanksgiving, Thursday is the day for gathering, but Friday is the day for tradition. Black Friday, that is. For some, it's a day for shopping. For me, it's always been about the decorating. And I've usually had Thursday and Friday off, so the two have gone together has a short holiday. Friday is sort of the after dinner course that follows Thanksgiving Thursday.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Thanksgiving initiates the holiday season. Not only does Christmas decorating directly follow the Day of the Turkeys, but so do gifts. And, no, not gift-shopping: I mean bringing out the wrapped gifts. I've sort of done possibly all of my Christmas shopping already; maybe I will get a little bit more later if I see anything good, but on the whole, I'm done. Everything's wrapped, too. It's almost ridiculous. And, yes, that is the Downton Abbey wrapping paper on the present on the right side. 

Maybe it's that not only is it nice to beat the holiday crowds (it's easier to find what you're looking for when there are less people), but it's also nice to have the commercial side over when you settle into the holiday season. If you're done thinking about how much money you're spending and such like, then you can think about the people you bought those presents for and the joys of home, candy cane tea, crisply cold weather, and lights around the tree. If you take care of the details first, then you're free to enjoy and to live. 

Speaking of preparing details, tomorrow is pumpkin pie baking day. 

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