Monday, December 2, 2019

Wandering through Old Tucson

Wander through the desert, past hills of saguaros and cliffs of exposed rock. Go up through curved, little roads and back down through simple angles. Turn left and left again.

And here you are, an Old West town that was never a town. Old Tucson is essentially the Old West town of Tucson that once was but no longer is--built specifically as a film studio.

Wander through the buildings, some styled rustic, some less so. Various businesses and the like. Most you can walk into, but they don't necessarily have inside what they say on the outside. There are shops and restaurants and a couple of complete insides, but mainly the outside look is simply for the outside. 

Take the train to see the desert and some more filming--and the backsides of the town buildings. 

Sit in the back of the train for best enjoying the view you leave behind. 

A little church sits up on the top edge of the town. You can walk in this one; it is in fact kept up rather nicer than some of the other Old West/Historic type churches you might find elsewhere. 

The Stagecoach will cost you a bit extra, but the pretty Carousel and the Autopia-style, vintage cars are included. 

And, you know, if you're in need of some dollars for that Stagecoach, you can try and break into a safe or something. This is the Wild West, after all. 

And then a quiet moment to take it all in. 

Old Tucson has film history, if that's your area of interest. It also has nineteenth century, western/southwestern atmosphere, if that's your focus. Then there is the beautiful, desert setting on the edge of Tucson, right by Saguaro National Park. And also you'll find plenty of entertainment, from the little train and cars to the shows. Something for everyone and plenty of photo opportunities. 

You're the one holding the camera--what story will you make? 

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