Saturday, June 20, 2020

Little Secrets: Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel Cookie Bars

It is possible that the horse is not dead yet--but that approaching it to beat it again does in fact make it dead and so you are in fact beating a dead horse even if the horse might not have been dead if you hadn't approached it once more. What a vile analogy.

My beating of the dead horse is the decision to review another of the Cookie Bars from Little Secrets. Sometimes just one is enough, yet here I am with the Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel Cookie Bars. If I wanted to get another one just to try it or because I was craving such a chocolate candy, okay--but why did I decide to review another?

I guess I was curious to see how the dark chocolate went versus the milk chocolate. Appearance-wise, it isn't faring well in the warmer weather. The coloring is dull with some bloom. Nothing to affect flavor, though, of course. It's inside that things get more worrisome, as the funky-looking caramel makes its appearance once more. Here is where the warm weather worked advantageously: it does indeed make the caramel softer and slightly less odd.

The cookie is still a little stiff, but I came in expecting that texture this time. The salt element here, instead of coming across as a fancy salted caramel, tastes more like someone added a dash too much salt to the cookie recipe. Cookie and salt and chocolate and then caramel isn't exactly the most cohesive of flavor layering.

The dark chocolate is candy bar dark chocolate, nothing special nor anything dark. And like with the dark chocolate in the Crispy Wafers, this appears to be compound chocolate (chocolate watered down with oil, which is extremely common in candies and cookies). So it'll satisfy a sweet craving. Sure, sometimes I do want a bit of junk food. I could see reaching for this when I want cookies covered in chocolate nonsense but I maybe don't want to buy a whole box.

But overall, I'm not too impressed. Little Secrets started out with the Chocolate Pieces (which they do well) and perhaps moved too quickly into other chocolate candy products. Neither the ingredients nor the flavors are quite high enough here to keep my interest. If they come up with a fourth type of product, I'll try it. Otherwise, though, I'll be sticking with the Chocolate Pieces.

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