Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blondfire's "Waves" Flows Across My Heart

I've been so proud of my indie band of choice, Blondfire, lately. Their two new singles, "Where the Kids Are" and "Walking With Giants," have been getting a good amount of attention. And yesterday came the big announcement that the brother/sister duo have signed with Warner Brothers Records for their next album, which will be titled Young Hearts--you can read more at Rolling Stone. Also at that link, you can listen to the latest single (which, unfortunately, isn't available to buy yet), "Waves."

"Waves" fits in perfectly with the other two new songs. It's very sleek, but still melodic; light and flowy, yet still hinting at depths--which for me means that I can listen casually or also apply further meaning. Erica's vocals are lovely as ever. The song reminds me a bit of "Into the Sea" (one of my favorites of theirs) and "My Someday," the title song of their full length album. But why must I wait until 2013 to get the full Young Hearts album? (I'm not complaining bitterly--I'll wait, but I'll also be quick to hit that pre-order button.)

What was surprising was to hear that Bruce and Erica had signed with a label: I know they had some bad experience with a label in their early days, hence the indieness of Blondfire. Going into a major label can mess with the sound of some bands, but I'm trusting their judgement here: since they had a bad experience before, I think they would make sure the process wasn't going to repeat before signing on again somewhere. And "Waves" is going to be part of the new Warner Brothers album, and it doesn't sound "tampered."

The thing I'm hoping will come out of all this is a tour that brings Blondfire to Arizona. In the meantime, go look them up on iTunes: besides My Someday and the two new singles, you can also get their iTunes Live Session EP, their Holiday EP, and their Don't Whisper Lies EP (which is under their previous name, Astaire).

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