Monday, August 27, 2012

The Return of Hilly Potter

You can watch The Hillywood Show's new parody, Harry Potter - So You Think You're a Wizard, by clicking here and behind the scenes by clicking here

By popular demand, The Hillywood Show has returned with another Harry Potter-based parody, this time focusing on the last movie but with some added twists. Big twists. So if you haven't watched yet, go do so before reading on.

While all the Twilight parodies follow a similar format, there are now three quite different Harry Potter videos: the first is a sketch with dialogue, the second is a music video with multiple scenes, and the newest is mainly a dance sequence. Having a mix of formats in fact makes for a nice collection of videos. And, of course, the format of this latest addition means that Hilly and Hannah didn't have to go scour the world in search of a castle to shoot in (just think of how many t-shirts we would all have to buy to fund that).

What this parody does offer is a healthy measure of ridiculousness and another draught of intense dance choreography. Though there aren't many costumes/makeup jobs, they are all as spot on as always and Voldemort looks properly creepy. And while there may not be too many specific points that are parodied, putting Harry and Voldemort into a twisted dance competition against each other fits in well both with the movie and its trailer: so much seemed to consist of the two running around each other and shouting curses with their wands. That was a nicely handled twist.

And once again, I am so happy that Hilly and Hannah's new partnership with Peter Facinelli and myISH has so far meant that behind the scenes come out at the same time as parodies. Twenty-three minutes of behind the scenes? I watched it without so much as a wink, as quick and excited as I would accept a free chocolate bar. There is some great footage here about rehearsing the dance sequence, recording sound, and working out makeup, so don't skip it.

The return of Hilly Potter is welcome indeed.

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